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Overcome your inner perfectionist.

Recently it has been pointed out to me that I stress out to much, and that I am a control freak. Of course I’m stressed out. I work full time, go to school full time, am planning my wedding, need … Continue reading

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Big Hearts & Lots of Redbull.

I should not be writing this right now. I should be doing homework. But writing is good for the soul and I’m tired of essays at the moment, so here it goes. I’ve been working in education about a month … Continue reading

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An Exciting New Chapter

After not getting the Pharmacy Technician job I had been interviewed for, I was pretty bummed out. In fact, it sent me into a full blown panic attack, something I thought I had grown past. I tried to take it … Continue reading

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The “glamour” of being in your 20’s

Everything from movies, music, books, tv, stories from friends and family, basically-everything and everyone as you grow up tells you how amazing being in your twenties is. Parties, getting your own place, no curfew, no parents, no kids yet, being … Continue reading

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Start 2015 right.

2014 is coming to a close and 2015 is upon us. I don’t have any New Years Resolutions, because I don’t think they’re practical and I don’t think they last. I have things I’m working on, but I’m working on … Continue reading

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Happy holidays…?

The holidays are here, and everyone is a flutter with their plans and food and gifts and holiday spirit, and it’s (usually) fantastic. I looooove the holidays! Every year growing up I got so excited once fall hit because it … Continue reading

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Growing up//Growing apart

When I was younger, I would frequently get upset with my parents for telling me that what tv shows portrayed about friendship wasn’t real. That the friends you have when you’re young, in high school even, are most likely not … Continue reading

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