Happy holidays…?

The holidays are here, and everyone is a flutter with their plans and food and gifts and holiday spirit, and it’s (usually) fantastic. I looooove the holidays! Every year growing up I got so excited once fall hit because it meant good food and good times with my family. But I’m older now, and for many reasons, that’s just not what it is anymore. For starters, I work in retail. Which means that holidays are the busiest time of year for me, and in the worst way. It means I have no time off, and usually means I’m dealing with both cranky customers and coworkers because let’s face it, when you work in retail, the holidays are the worst time of the year.
This will be the third straight year I have not gotten to spend the holidays with my family. This makes me unbelievably sad, and I wish there was something I could do about it. But thanks to Black Friday and a demanding schedule (I’m literally not allowed to ask for any days off from now until the 10th of January-they’re considered “black out days”) it’s just not an option, even though I have more money now than I do the rest of the year. I have to work from 8pm on Thanksgiving all the way through 10am on Black Friday since I have two retail jobs this holiday season, and I work both the day before and the day after Christmas.
Not only is retail ruining my holidays, but I’m not even sure my boyfriend and I will get to go home to celebrate his and my younger sisters birthday, since they are both in the first week of January. Retail doesn’t care that you have family you want to spend time with, and frankly you are completely screwed if you don’t live near your family.
This has made my holidays feel pretty lonely. It is the one time of year everyone makes time for family, yet leaves me with no time for mine. Last year my mom and sisters went to Seattle for Christmas to see our family and it made me so bummed out that I couldn’t go. At least, not if I wanted to also pay my bills and keep my job.
I know that this is all very depressing and sad and has no bright upside to it like I usually try to do in my blogs, but there is no upside to this. Holiday retail is a dark, crappy place where holiday cheer goes to die/rot in hell.

I know it will not always be like this (meaning when I no longer work in retail) and I look forward to that day. But right now, it sucks and I miss my family.


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26, Cat mom, California girl, aspiring Teacher, Wife, Christian.
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2 Responses to Happy holidays…?

  1. cherubim27 says:

    Miss you too, sweetie. Hard to find the “happy” or “merry” this holiday season. I think we should make big plans for next year, like Tahoe? That will get us through. Are ya down, Charlie Brown?!

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