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Diagnosis/Progress/Slip Ups

Well, I officially know what’s wrong with me; my gallbladder doesn’t function. Well, it does, a little. It functions at 11%, when functioning at 35% is considered not functional. So, yeah. I could get it taken out, but it wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Growing up//Growing apart

When I was younger, I would frequently get upset with my parents for telling me that what tv shows portrayed about friendship wasn’t real. That the friends you have when you’re young, in high school even, are most likely not … Continue reading

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Revelation #1

Healthy stuff LASTS LONGER than all that processed crap we eat?! I’m on day #2 of not treating my body like crap anymore. It’s roughly 5pm, I’m a little over half way to my 10,000 step goal, work went well … Continue reading

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On taking care of yourself

I’m 23 years old, working part time, and living with my boyfriend. That description does not usually call to mind an image of an uber-healthy lifestyle, and usually brings images of junk food and alcohol to mind. Up until about … Continue reading

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