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An Exciting New Chapter

After not getting the Pharmacy Technician job I had been interviewed for, I was pretty bummed out. In fact, it sent me into a full blown panic attack, something I thought I had grown past. I tried to take it … Continue reading

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Trusting God; through good and bad.

Yesterday I got some bad news. I didn’t get a job that I really wanted, meaning I’m stuck at a job that is both extremely stressful and putting me on a schedule exactly opposite of everyone I love, so that … Continue reading

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The “glamour” of being in your 20’s

Everything from movies, music, books, tv, stories from friends and family, basically-everything and everyone as you grow up tells you how amazing being in your twenties is. Parties, getting your own place, no curfew, no parents, no kids yet, being … Continue reading

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Striving to be a Woman of God

I was raised a Christian, and remain so to this day. Not that it didn’t come with struggles and such, but I have seen and experienced God’s love, mercy, miracles, and the like, and there is absolutely no doubt in … Continue reading

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