An Exciting New Chapter

After not getting the Pharmacy Technician job I had been interviewed for, I was pretty bummed out. In fact, it sent me into a full blown panic attack, something I thought I had grown past. I tried to take it in stride and trust that God had something better planned for me, but as I continued to get ready for, drive to, and work at a job I hated, it didn’t feel like it. But I didn’t become bitter or angry towards God. I continued to do my devotional every morning and worship Him as I walked around getting ready for my day, because I wanted to continue to be faithful. I also continued to put in applications for every non-food industry job I could possibly find.

Well, it’s paid off! I put in an application for a full time job at a local UPS store, had an interview the next day, and got hired on the spot! Opening shifts are 8:15-4:45, closing shifts are 9:45-6:15, and they’re closed on Sundays! After getting paperwork and picking out some clothes from their website, I walked back to the car completely ecstatic and probably jumping around a little. When I got back in the car I’m also pretty sure I screamed with joy while texting my boyfriend, mom, best friends, and sister that I had got the job.

This means that instead of consistently not getting home until after midnight, never seeing my boyfriend because I leave for work before he even gets off, risking getting burned on tortilla presses, putting my hands in awful sanitize water that eats holes in my skin, constantly getting yelled at to work faster, and wearing a hat that makes me break out, I get to have a normal sleep schedule, I’ll be home every night in time to make dinner if I feel like it and have time to socialize and enjoy my life, and I won’t have to make a long drive late at night while I’m exhausted and cranky.

As much as I wanted the Pharmacy Technician job, this job is much better. You see, the Pharmacy Technician job would have been the same drive, but only part time. God had a full time job waiting for me, I just had to be patient and wait for it. Not to mention this job has the possibility for commission and about 6 hours of overtime every other week, which is more than okay with me! I trusted that God had a plan for me, and I was rewarded more than I imagined possible.

Be faithful to God and he’ll be faithful to you, it’s simple.


About PaigeWrites

26, Cat mom, California girl, aspiring Teacher, Wife, Christian.
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4 Responses to An Exciting New Chapter

  1. cherubim27 says:

    ❤️ God is faithful, even if we are not. Life will throw many trials your way; every time you say to the world, ” gods on my side, I have nothing to worry about” you believe it a little bit more and walk it out. It’s a beautiful cycle that brings peace and joy to your life. You are growing to be an amazing woman and I’m proud of you.

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