I shouldn’t even have to be writing this.

Repeat after me: a woman’s interests and hobbies are valid. A woman’s interests and hobbies are valid! A WOMAN’S INTERESTS AND HOBBIES ARE VALID.
It doesn’t matter if it’s video games or comics or math or science or any other thing men feel they have the sole right to! Guess what, you don’t! Just because a woman likes a certain video game doesn’t mean she must be really bad at it. Liking a comic doesn’t mean she just likes to cosplay cuz its cute and fun. YOU DONT KNOW MORE THAN HER JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE MALE!!!!!!!
I dealt with 4 years of this crap and I will not stand by and tolerate it happening to anyone if I can help it.
In high school I was always told by my guy friends that I wasn’t really a gamer because I had just started gaming. Then it was that I wouldn’t win because I was a girl. Then when I beat them, it was luck. Well then I didn’t know as much of the back story as they did. Same with bands, same with everything. For 4 years nothing I did or said or liked was good enough, because I was a girl.
With the Suicide Squad movie coming out this summer, I’ve seen an increase online of dudes accusing girls that they don’t know anything about DC comics and they just like the way Harley looks, and give them immeasurable amounts of crap. All because we’re girls!
Well I hate to break it to you (not) but the person I know who knows the most about both Marvel and DC comics, is a girl. And I have a lot of friends who are into them.
Believe it or not, but we have interests just like you and they aren’t all feminine.
You know why I love Harley?
Because when I was a little girl I love watching the animated Batman series, and when I saw Harley and Ivy practically blow up a car full of dudes who cat called them, I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. They stood up for themselves. Guess what I did growing up every time I got cat called? I didn’t take it, I didn’t ignore it, I screamed back and flipped them off. Because of Harley and Ivy.
And no matter how much you wanna tell me im not a true fan because I haven’t read every single comic, you can never take that from me.
Watching Harley gave me inner confidence and a sense of inner bad-assness, because she showed me I could have that.
Harley is an amazing character with so many amazing aspects and qualities, and while I’m worried about how the movie will portray her, I’m more concerned at the outbreak of shitty dudes online criticizing girls for loving her.
I , for one, think that if they really want to keep it up, we should start acting the way Harley would in those situations.
Whadda say, ladies?


About PaigeWrites

26, Cat mom, California girl, aspiring Teacher, Wife, Christian.
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