High school kids are brutal

There has been an abundance of bullying at the high school I work at recently. So much so that I often go home completely drained because watching people be that awful to each other all day with no remorse takes a toll on the soul.
It has, however, made me consider how I treat people in my life. You see, many of these comments are said without thought, and most of the time they aren’t even meant to hurt the person they’re talking about; often the other person doesn’t even know what’s being said, and its possible that they often don’t even know each other. These are the ones that upset me the most. Kids making fun of other kids for things like their appearance for no other reason then getting a laugh out of their friends. Its pointless negativity, and while they think its just fun and games, it damages the way society functions in the long run.
This is how we grow up to be harsh, judgmental adults, who say things we don’t mean for no other reason then we can.
I wasn’t a victim of bullying in high school, but I was in middle school. That made me a high schooler who stuck up for people that were being made fun of, even if I didn’t particularly like that person.
But I’m sure at some point I said or did things that hurt someone without actually meaning to hurt that person and more so for the sake of proving myself to my friends.
What does that say about humans in general? Why is critizicing other people something we do to prove ourselves? Kids learn it from somewhere, from someone, they don’t just do that on their own volition. What are we doing as adults that shows them that’s okay?
I know a lot of these kids don’t have parents who are active in their lives, and they live in a harsh community that teaches them that proving themselves is important. But if we, as a society, stopped cutting each other down to make ourselves feel better or seem cool to our friends, how much better would the world be?
Kindness and understanding go a long way, and even if I can’t get that through every students brain, I can certainly get it through my own.


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1 Response to High school kids are brutal

  1. changetoday says:

    I couldn’t agree more . But even if you are kind to the bullies they dont understand. Its like they are in their own closed wall .. 😦

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