Being a Part of Something

In life, I find that people are usually compelled to “be a part of something bigger than themselves” to feel whole/complete/fulfilled, etc. Some people spend years and years trying to find what this is for them. I found it around the age of 15. That was the year my mother took me to Warped Tour for the first time, and the year I started going to local shows with my friends, and I fell in love. Shows were the best thing I had ever encountered, and honestly I haven’t found anything in my 8 years since then that’s been able to beat it in terms of going out and doing something.

Shows are amazing. Whether it’s your first show or your 50th, the feeling is always the same. Complete and utter awe and being completely enveloped, lost even, in the loud music and louder crowd. It doesn’t matter if you’re screaming your lungs out because you relate to the song or you just really love it, your voice is lost in the chorus of every other person in the building also screaming their lungs out; and growing up it was one of the only times I ever felt 100% not alone in the world. No matter what I was going through, heartbreak, family stuff, school, friend stuff, it all faded away the moment the lights did the same.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve had shitty encounters at shows too. You’re part of a scene long enough and you’re gonna have people you don’t like that you run into because you happen to like the same music. There are huge dudes that are assholes and girls that kick people in the head. My boyfriend literally punched a dude in the face at an A Day To Remember show we went too because said dude looked at me, saw I was a small girl, and slammed into me. So yeah, there are assholes at shows just like there are in life, but at a show, something like that happens and you go “whoa holy shit!” and then you’re immediately back to screaming your lungs out and trying to grasp the fact that you are, in fact, seeing one of your favorite bands live.

That being said, I really only get to go to “big” shows 3 or 4 times a year, which is nothing compared to the amount of them I would like to go to. But those 3 or 4 times a year, I lose myself in the band, the crowd, and the music, and even if I have to be at work at 6am in the next morning, I’m still screaming and jumping my heart away with the biggest smile on my face and sweat dripping down my back. Shows are the absolute best, whether I’m looking forward to them, finally at them, or looking back and talking about when I saw so-and-so at this-or-that venue.

My next show is gonna be Silverstein (a band I’ve loved since I was 16) and Beartooth (a band I’ve fallen in love with this year), along with supporting acts (Hands Like Houses/Major League/My Iron Lung) that I’m also excited to see. Catch me in the crowd screaming “BLAME IT ON THE WEATHER//BUT I’M A MESS!!!!!” and “THIS IS FOR THE KIDS WITH A SOUL LIKE MINE//WHEN PEOPLE TELL YOU LIVING IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME//KEEP LIVING LOUD AND PROUD, THEY NEVER CAN HOLD US DOWN!!!!” and hoping my glasses don’t get broken. Now to start the count down to what will probably end up being one of my favorite shows ever 🙂


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  1. cherubim27 says:

    Its all my fault huh?

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