Don’t let people make you feel bad for liking things.

(otherwise known as, WOW my exboyfriend was a super douche)

I’m a nerd. Maybe not in the original use of the word, but I am. I love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Sailor Moon, I play video games, I love to read,  I wear glasses, I had braces in high school, the whole sha-bang. Except maybe that I actually had a fashion sense, but that is much more common in today’s nerds. That being said, it took me a really long time to accept myself. And while there are definitely a few different factors that played into that, a fairly large one was the group of people I hung out with in high school. They played video games, they liked old 90s cartoons (I mean, that is when we were growing up), and by a few other definitions, they were nerds too.  

But, they, especially my ex-boyfriend, consistently belittled me for the things I liked.  If I liked a video game that they liked, it didn’t matter, because I was a girl and therefore inherently not good at it, and not good at it meant that you sucked, and your opinion didn’t matter. I stopped reading a lot in high school, or at least as much as I did before I knew them, because they didn’t like to read and would tease me for carrying books around with me, so I stopped.  They even made fun of  my taste in music, most ususally my love of my favorite band, Paramore. Because it’s fronted by a girl. It wasn’t metal enough or indie enough, and even when I got into bands that they liked, in their eyes, I would never be as cool as they were, because I didn’t know as much about the band as they did.

It took moving away and meeting new people (a few new sets of new people, because by then I was conditioned to go along with what everyone liked and not voice my opinion) to truly love myself and accept who I am.  I started reading and writing again, and told everyone what music and games I liked without being worried about what they would say.  I met other girls would played video games, and stayed up til the early morning killing zombies and listening to music they liked that I hadn’t heard before. As cliche as it, I expanded my horizons in college, and came back centered and sure of myself.  I saw my old friends, and before completely cutting them off because they hadn’t changed, I hung out, I played video games, I talked about music and concerts and shows I liked without feeling bad about it and without allowing their comments to make me feel like less of a person or less important.

So, long story short, being passionate about the things you love is cool, and you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel lame about it, friends, family, boyfriends, anyone. Being a “nerd” is awesome, and so is being the person you really are.


About PaigeWrites

26, Cat mom, California girl, aspiring Teacher, Wife, Christian.
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