Things They Don’t Teach You in High School

High school taught me a lot of things, some of which I’ve gone on to actually use in my now almost adult life, a lot which I can barely recall, and mostly a lot of stuff I have no need for.  In the years after high school (4 now, I think?) I have come across many challenges that I’ve had to figure out completely on my own, because I had no idea how to do my taxes, network myself, actively get myself a job, budget, and actually get myself on my own feet. All they did in high school was push college on me, which I guess made sense since I was in the honors classes, but didn’t actually do anything to help me in life.

The only way I’ve supported myself in the last 2 years has been through the people I know. Worked at a coffee shop that my friend owned for almost a year, went on to babysit for my friends mom, took over my mother’s job as a weekend Tasting Room Attendant at a winery, every way I’ve made money since high school has solely been through the people I know, and almost none of my own personal merit.  They don’t teach you that in high school, they don’t stress how important it is to network, especially if you’re the quite, shy girl who sits and reads by herself and not a star athlete.

I know that eventually I’ll be getting jobs and moving up in life based on my personal merit, but they do not teach you just how much hard work that takes, and had they done so, I may not be sitting here 4 years after graduation barely starting to figure that out and lay the ground work to get on my own two feet.


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26, Cat mom, California girl, aspiring Teacher, Wife, Christian.
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